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[Poland]Elements of pallets

Elements of wooden pallets for assembly - for one- and multiple usage.[...]



From a row material in an average size (length 2,5 current meter), wet; dry – certified by IPPC / HT, KD, DB certificate. Thickness: 85, 108;130 mm.[...]


[Poland]Wooden pallets

For one- and multiple usage. There are wet or dried in a drying chamber. Drying is certified by the IPPC/ HT KD DB certificate. The construction of pallet depends on the individual customer's demand and needs. There is a possibility to apply pressed or wooden blocks and to place customer's logo on them. An advantage of the pallets is a possibility to stack and to move by fork-lift truck in a warehouse turnover. They can be used as a base for pallet-boxes.[...]


[Poland]Lids for pallet-boxes

They are made from plywood or boards. Sizes are adjusted to the sizes of the box (standard: 600x800 mm; 800x1200 mm).There is a possibility to place a customer's logo.[...]


[Poland]Wooden collars

Packaging for multiple usage in internal stock's rotation and within the cooperating companies/undersuppliers network. Pallet collars – sides of boxes are put on wooden pallets and covered by the lid, are used as a box – very good protection of valuable/precious loads. High of collar is 200mm. They can be put one on top of another to increase high. Other sizes (length; width) are adjusted to the pallet on which it will be a load – in standard: 600x800 mm; 800x1200 mm. Customer's logo can[...]